Delta Neutral Proprietary Trading Driven by Advanced Quantitative Researchers & Proactive Risk Management

High Frequency Trading
Our algorithms have been carefully designed to bring institutional grade capabilities & sophistication to the digital asset markets
DeFi Trading
Quantitative modeling & proprietary framesworks help to power decentralized operations across an assortment of platforms

Our Prop Trading Business

  • Low-latency market data connection with high throughput
  • Reliable and precise simulation environment with parallel backtesting capabilities
  • Scalable trading system development and deployment capabilities
  • Customized trading system generation by an in-house advanced quantitative team
  • Optimized network infrastructure for efficient digit asset trading

Our Risk Management

  • Centralized, multi-tiered risk management system
  • 24/7 automated risk monitoring, supplemented by a dedicated risk management team
  • Proactive risk management and position reconciliation to minimize potential losses
  • Dedicated team members keeping up-to-date with the latest market risk events
  • Access to a centralized execution desk available 24/7/365