Liquidity Optimisation Service

CEX Liquidity
Access to global CEX trading using a proprietary trading system and algorithm. Isolated risk management for liquidity providing
DEX Liquidity
Leverage our proprietary DeFi infrastructure to actively provision liquidity and facilitate price stability across various AMM and Limit Orderbook decentralized exchanges

Our Solutions

  • Minimize bid-ask spread for more competitive pricing
  • Deep, organic liquidity on order books to ensure seamless trade execution
  • Mitigate market volatility and promote price stability for more consistent trading
  • Trading algorithms with built-in safety features and risk management for more secure execution
  • Full transparency on exchange balances and trades for better oversight and accountability

How we work together

  • Comprehensive order book and trading analysis, including progress tracking and whale wallet monitoring
  • Continuous trading coverage 24/7/365 by the global trading team
  • Direct communication with market making team for faster and more efficient collaboration
  • Live dashboard to track enhanced trading volumes, P&L, market shares, macro trends, and competitor analysis for informed decision-making
  • Bi-weekly conference calls to discuss product development and provide valuable suggestions for continuous improvement